Welcome to the The World of TygaEdit

The wonderful world of Tyga is a fantasy world where many strange and amazing creatures and plants inhabit. It is usually very peaceful but whenever war breaks out, the battles are deadly. This is your guide to the amazing and wonderful world of Tyga.

This is the full and 100% legit guide to the world of Tyga.
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The World of tyga

In this guide, I will show you the many animals and plants of Tyga along with the 14 civilised "tribes" that inhabit Tyga.

You will also see the history of Tyga and how nearly every living being in this wonderful planet helps contribute to Tyga's rich environment.

The Planet of TygaEdit

The planet of Tyga is on the other side of the Milky Way, in the same solar system as the planet Oey. Both are slightly more advanced than the earth, but no inhabitant of the two planets have left the solar system yet.


There are 14 civilised "tribes" in the planet of Tyga, they are as follows, the Tryons, the Lodens, the Tygons, the Gryfans, the Winglans, the Purins, the Mastons, the Kebans, the Tirens, the Cayrans, the Cutlans, the Raydens, the Tyreems and the Rygons.


The planet of Tyga has 4 oceans and 5 continents. As the largest "tribe", The Rygons take up all of the continent of Tytan, the next 2 biggest "tribes", the Tygon and the Tryon, take up 35% of the continent of panthoa each.

The 5 continents are called, Tytan, Panthoa, Sygia, Kedas & Polifor

The 4 oceans are called, The Panthic ocean, The Kedarian ocean, the Polifus ocean and the Tygian ocean.
The World of Tyga

Map of Tyga

The Story of TygaEdit

The 14 "tribes" used to be just 1 large empire, but after a revolution began against Emperor Clawdo III, everything changed. Called a tyrant, Clawdo, assaulted his citizens with his army and killed thousands, people would live in fear thinking that they would be next. 2 years after Clawdo's attack against his citizens, a group of rebels, known as the Tygons, took up arms and revolted against Clawdo. Several other rebel groups were then initiated, these all became the tribes of today. The Tygons, as the primary revolutionary group, stormed Clawdo's Mansion and assassinated him at midnight. Clawdo's army, or the Rygons, were angry and declared total war against all the other revolutionary groups. After nine years the rebel groups then became known as "tribes" and the continents were separated. The three major "tribes" were the original Rygons, the Tygons and the Tryons. After this the Rygon's and anybody who was their ally was hated throughout Tyga. The "tribes" then changed the name of the planet to Tyga in honour of the first Tygon rebels. This is the story of how 1 great empire became the 14 "tribes" of today.